Steve Bertone

Steve Bertone is a 2011 award recipient for "Best Equine and Pet Photographer". His photography was also recently published in Success Magazines LTD, and Capital Region Living.

About Steve Bertone

For photographer Steve Bertone, “it’s all about the relationships we have with all living things.” It is these relationships that inspire the expressive imagery that appears in his noted photography.

Animal photography is one of the more challenging subjects for professional work. The results depend not necessarily on the mechanics, but on the personal skills of the photographer to engage with the animal at the moment the shot is taken.

Animal photographers must be prepared for the unknown and need the ability to “connect” with their subject. They study the actions and language of animals to anticipate every move. It is this understanding of animals and the communication that takes place between Steve and his subject that delivers such stellar results in his photography.

Steve has been a photographer since the age of 14, when at a certain moment in time, his love for photography and animals converged….

When hearing about a lost dog in his neighborhood through the church newspaper, I was alarmed. After a few days, I was the lucky one to bring the dog and its relieved owner back together…that day changed my life forever. While I was happy to have reunited the dog and his master, I was also curious when the owner, Ernest Loubell of NYU, showed me his extensive line of professional photo equipment. He told me that as a reward for finding his lost dog, he would teach me photography as well as give me his cache of old photo equipment. I was awestruck! I knew the equipment was a gift, but was yet to realize just how powerful that gift would become throughout my life…

From that moment forward, I learned photography from a real pro. Photography became my passion. The appreciative dog owner taught me how to select subjects, compose, set-up shots, use lighting, as well as all about the fundamentals of photography. I remain forever grateful to Mr. Loubell to this day. Though Mr. Loubell has passed, the time he spent with me, along with his memories, will live forever each time I am behind the camera.

As a teenager learning this new skill, I became engrossed in the ability to preserve slices of life forever with the camera. My love for animals combined with this wonderful gift of photography equipment, served a purpose of catching moments in time with each of my subjects."

It was also at this early age that the name Steve Bertone began to be recognized for the creativity, individualism, and thoughtfulness we see today in every one of his custom photos. Growing up minutes from the ocean in Queens, in the beautiful mosaic of ethnic neighborhoods, has afforded Steve cultural creativity and urban family life giving him endless experiences and opportunities during his youth. Throughout this special time in his life, Steve developed his love of photographing animals that he has carried forward to this day.

While learning numerous photography skills, Steve also began photographing people and scenery, as well as animals.“In my junior high school yearbook I made a special dedication, which published numerous photos of mine. Not only was that a privilege, but it really was the beginning of my photography career. Since those early years, my photography skills have continued to advance and evolve."

Steve’s appreciation and love of animals from such a young age has also carried over into his adult life. Steve always takes time to get to know the neighborhood dogs and cats, creatures of the wild, or those in a zoo or pet shop. Steve sees each and every creature of nature as an individual to be respected; and it is this respect for animals that allows him to capture the true essence of each of his subjects through his camera lens.

Steve’s mastery of the key elements of composition, exposure, and technique are vital to the technical elements of good photography. This mastery and Steve’s passion for living beings is what truly sets Steve’s photography apart from the rest.

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